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Maitland and Winter Park Chiropractor Offers A Permanent Solution

Popping Pills Won’t Get You Anywhere…

Relying on painkillers to get through the day? A lot of people believe that taking painkillers is what it takes to help get over your pain. It’s not true.

Taking drugs only covers up the pain temporarily and can hurt you in the long run. Dr. Michael Verne explains, “We offer permanent solutions that can help stop pain from reoccurring in the future.” How?

  • Chiropractic care helps remove interference throughout your body, so you can heal and function as you were designed to.
  • We offer strength conditioning to take your health to a whole new level.

Healing Beyond Headaches and Back Pain

Our Maitland and Winter Park chiropractor helps with much more than back or neck pain. Problems sleeping? Lack of energy? Something else bothering you? Just ask!
We’re here to help. And, we’ll go above and beyond for you. We’ll listen, make sure you’re comfortable, show you ways to
improve your health and overall create a joyful life.

Incredible Care at Verne Chiropractic Clinic

Maitland and Winter Park chiropractor, Dr. Michael Verne, is thorough, caring and always goes
that extra mile to provide complete chiropractic care to you. We’re affordable, welcoming,
professional and knowledgeable. We’ll take time to go over the problem with you and
only offer solutions after a thorough analysis, there’s no guessing games here!

Give us a call to schedule an appointment today and find out how we may be able to
help you achieve all that you want!

Dr. Michael Verne | (407) 657-2225

Maitland and Winter Park Chiropractor serves Casselberry and Orlando