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Maitland Chiropractor : Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Verne adjusting infant

Dr. Michael Verne is here to answer your questions

Ready to get started but still have a few questions? We often hear many questions from both new and experienced chiropractic patients. Some of the most common questions we hear and the answers are below… If you still have more questions, please feel free to give us a call! Dr. Michael Verne would love to speak with you an answer your questions! (407) 657-2225

Do you accept insurance?

Since every insurance plan is different we can verify your policy and review your benefits at the time of your appointment.  We understand the financial aspect can be a factor for some patients in making healthcare decisions.  Dr. Verne will only recommend what he feels you need for your condition. We also offer payment plans to make your care more affordable.

If you can’t help me, will you refer me to someone else?

If we can’t help you, then we’d be happy to refer you to someone we think can help.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment so we can help you and your family feel great! (407) 657-2225