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Chiropractor in Maitland: Dr. Michael Verne

Maitland Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Verne

Dr. Michael Verne, Maitland Chiropractor

“As a chiropractor and a patient, I understand how important it is for you to recover, feel great and get back to your normal life. And, with my knowledge and experience, I believe that I can help you thrive!”

I Knew I was Meant to Help People, I Just Didn’t Know How…

“I always knew that I wanted to be involved with something that would help people. I just wasn’t sure what that was.”

“I’ve always been interested in sports, so in high school I tried thinking of different active things that I could make into a career.” But, his inspiration to be a chiropractor didn’t come until later on from an injury in college.

Inspired by an Injury, Helped by a Chiropractor…

“It was only when I suffered from a baseball injury in college and went to a chiropractor that I discovered that this was something that would allow me to serve other people.”

This initial experience showed Dr. Verne how much chiropractic can help people through serious conditions and injuries. “It was then that I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor offering the greatest gift of all… wellness.”

Bringing Positivity and Health to Maitland

“The most inspiring part of chiropractic care is the positive difference that it makes in your life, it literally changes lives every day. I’m thankful to be in a serving profession and to live my passion of enhancing the lives of those around me.”

“Chiropractic care allows me to share the healing power of the body. Moreover, with my uncle being a medical doctor, I had a good example to follow. He was an inspiration and helped me to take up a profession to serve people better, and that’s what I do each day.”

Certifications and Educational Highlights

“Becoming a chiropractor was a long haul. In school there were long hours and high expectations for us as students. Fortunately it’s all paid off!”

Dr. Verne went to both Life University in Atlanta and Sherman College of Chiropractic. He was awarded the Best Chiropractor in May of 2010.

“I love going to work each and every day. Helping people smile and be joyful again will never get old, it’s an incredible gift to help people.”

Personal Life Full of Passions

“I’m married and have two lovely children. My son and daughter sure do keep us busy!”
Outside the office, Dr. Verne is into fitness, training, exercise, and coaching his daughter’s softball (as he also plays softball).

“I’m also passionate about our environment and promoting nutrition by eating leafy vegetables. I’ve stopped eating meat for over a year as nutrition and weight have a direct impact on the health; two important factors in my chiropractic lifestyle.


Dr. Verne is also associated with the National Strength Conditioning Association with a degree in strength conditioning. “My ability to work with different patient groups, ranging from high school kids, college adults, professionals, athletes, sportsmen and so on has helped me to have a better knowledge of how different chiropractic solutions works on different people.”

“Please call my office to find out how I may be of service to you. Remember, I’m here to help because I’m passionate about seeing you feel better.”