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What to Expect at Verne Chiropractic Clinic

Your First Visit

Maitland Chiropractic Clinic Sign

Welcome to your Maitland Chiropractic clinic, Verne Chiropractic Clinic

When you first arrive we’ll sort out paperwork, answer any billing questions and then it’s time to meet Dr. Michael Verne. “I’ll take some time to consult with you about what brought you in, your health history, and answer any questions you might have.”

After a consultation, Dr. Verne will examine you. In some cases we’ll recommend X-rays so we can see your spine and health status even more clearly. If needed, we can do these X-rays here in our office.

Please expect to spend about an hour with us on this visit.

Your Options For Care in Maitland

“On your second visit, we’ll discuss your options for care based on our findings from your first visit. And then, it’s time for an adjustment.”

These reports and findings may take about an hour. It may take longer if the Dr. Verne has exercises he’d like to show you to do at home.

Regular Visits? It’s up to you!

We’d love to see you come back for regular visits but ultimately it’s up to you. You can visit us for care for as long as you’d like- and we’d love to see you visit us throughout your life.

Call or visit us so we can work together towards a more energetic you. (407) 657-2225